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Lonely Heart

Romantic Capricorn. Male. 16. Black hair and green eyes wants to meet young F with GSOH and funny. WLTM fun-loving partner. Must like cooking and housekeeping. I´m football and sports lover and traveler. Yago

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Sociable f. Sagitarius:

Long straight hair and bown eyes and nice girl is looking for friendly and        good-looking taurus or leo teen male, over 17 to hang out with. Must enjoy listening to music, going to the cinema, playing tennis and good food. Must have GSOH and good at telling jokes, but mustn’t be an …

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I’m very friendly and outgoing.

I’m Marta and I’m 16. Physically I have blond hair, brown eyes and I’m pretty high. I love painting, travelling and surfing. My favourite band is “The Kooks”. I like to learning different languages, It’s so funny! I’m looking for someone sociable, friendly, able to carry on a conversation and he must have GSOH. Marta Nevado …

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When I was young

When I was six years old I was studious, responsible and serious although I haven´t changed much. Now my hobbies are collecting historical and astronomy objects but when I was a kid liked dinosaurs, animals… I wanted to study architecture but now I want to study law. When I was six years old I liked …

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A cheerful girl with brown eyes,black hair…

I’m a girl  I’m  16 years. I’m glad and I’ve got brown eyes, black hair. I’m acuarius, and I like all the sports. I like reading and love the beach. I like meeting friends, and listening to music. I often used to play basketball but now I often play voleyball. And I usually play badminton. …

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Romantic and dreamer girl

I’m a girl with blue eyes and black hair. I love reading novels and going to the beach but I don’t like football and insects. I like all kinds of movies and I love dancing. I WLTM with a funnny and romantic boy. He must be honest and sociable. The guy musn’t be liar or …

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Sporty and romantic f. Libra

ISO tall, blue-eyed and beautiful male. I’m interested in men who often practice sport, like travelling and watching films. He has to be hard working and a good person. Also he has to be romantic and tell great jokes. He has to help with housework and he has to know how to cook.

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Nuria Puerta Baile: Short, blond and friendly Scorpio. F, 15.

ISO tall, blue-eyed, good- looking and long-term partner with GSOH. Must be fun, polite and mature. Must enjoy meeting people, travelling, painting and doing exercise. Mustn´t eat unhealthy food, be unfit and smoke. If you are interested please, contact me: nurilacasitos@gmail.com

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A bit of my life

When I was small, I was naughty, funny and happy. I was fair-haired and I was thin. I used to play with my family and watch television too. At school I was a good student but the school subjects were difficult to understand for me. I had a lot of friends and I was very …

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