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2012th’s new artist revelation

Edward Christopher Sheeran (also known as Ed Sheeran) is a British singer and songwriter which has gone up in the music business since June 2011 when his single (The A team) was launched.

Although The A team was one of his most famous singles, he also recorded two previous albums: Ed Sheeran, and want some? This didn’t take him very far but in 2010 after going to LA and singing in all the open mic nights he could find over the city his talent was spotted by a manager which helped him gain most of his fame.

Later that year, he recorded phew songs that appeared in two other albums; songs I wrote with Amy and loose change. 2010 concluded, and this takes us to 2011, when the A team first was heard in the world.

This launching as said before made Ed Sheeran very famous and helped him enter 3rd position on the UK chart. Later that year he recorded his new album plus (+). Last Brit awards he won two awards for: British breakthrough act and British solo male artist. He was nominated too for: British Single and British Album of the year

This year was announced that Ed would be supporting the band snow patrol on their concert from late March until May.

For more information about Ed Sheeran visit: edsheeran.com

He is definitely one singer worth listening to.

Judit Dansó Llaquet 2ºESO C

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